Category: Success stories

How to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign

How to lanch a kickstarter campaigh? Surprises, good and bad, are to be expected when it comes to crowdfunding and any business project in general. We provide as example a successful crowdfunding campaign by Senstone, a portable voice assistant, to give you some ideas on how to present the product. Focusing on the prelaunch stage […]

Senstone vs. Smartphone

“By the time I work through Siri or Cortana, the thought or reminder has disappeared from my overactive brain.” “I need to be able to record notes when driving without pulling off  the road or trying to unlock and use my phone.” Senstone backers   When it comes to taking notes, Senstone is much more convenient than any smartphone. […]


How Senstone helped me to manage every note I take. Dictated story of success.

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