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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need Senstone? If notetaking is an inevitable part of your daily life; if you want to jot down ideas and create to-do lists with the minimal effort; if you want your notes to be accurate and well-organized, then Senstone is for you. At the tap of a button it records, transcribes, […]

Voice is a New Typing

According to the Global Web Index, at least 325,8 million people used voice control for their gadgets in January of last year. That is, in fact, almost 10 percent of the entire online population. On its official blog, Google stated that 41 percent of adults and 55 percent of teenagersuse either Siri, Google Now, or Cortana voice recognition system at least […]

How to make most of your notetaking

When taking notes, writing, recording or sketching them out is only half the job. The other half, and probably, the crucial thing is organizing them in a way that makes it easier for you to access and revise them. You can use different methods depending on the aim of your note taking; teachers, students, businessmen, […]

More movement – more creativity

Steve Jobs was famous for his “walking meetings,” a Silicon Valley tradition, continued by Mark Zuckerberg. But have you ever wondered why walking during the workday is so popular among world’s biggest technology tycoons? Or why sometimes you feel that pacing back and forth helps with getting “un-stuck” from some mental trap? Think of your […]

How to keep your brain clear and stay sharp

Being a modern professional is quite a challenge. Remember how you started reading that one e-mail in the middle of the night, and by the time you’ve finished, you ended up with a huge list of tasks? It’s very easy to lose track, as our performance is constantly threatened by all sorts of distractions. We […]

Forget About Forgetfulness

We have all been there. There’s something you had to do this morning, but for the love of everything that’s holy you can’t put your finger on it. But you’re sure there was something! However, what usually happens is that you remember what it was when it is way too late. Scientists enumerate a whole list […]

How to take productive meeting notes

It doesn’t matter if it’s a ten-minute daily standup or a quarterly report presentation; there’s always something to write down on a meeting. Some people find it easy, others not so much. That’s why we have compiled a list of tips that might make your notetaking more productive. Don’t record ideas verbatim Writing things word […]

The best time of day to work: when and why

Some of us are early birds, and the others are night owls. But no matter which one you are, if you’re looking for productivity advice, you will find tons of articles that will suggest sending your emails before 8 o’clock or not planning meetings on Monday. But does it really matter? Is it true that […]

10 Steps to Improve Your Memory

In modern day and age, the discussion on memory often revolves around remembering short-term ideas and plans. But what about information that we have to keep in mind on a regular basis? What about remembering things that are essential to how we perform and operate? We have collected some tips and tricks to help you […]

Senstone vs. Voice Recorder

“As a writer (personal) and organization’s change strategist (business), I’m constantly doing research, drafting thought papers, blog posts or pitches. The problem is – as with most folks – I do my best thinking not at a desk/by a computer but walking, driving, commuting. Talking into my phone and then transcribing it is painful. Texting […]

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