Senstone - Portable Voice Assistant for Productivity

Consultants, Counselors, Educators, Lawyers, and Reporters

As an active listener, you know eye contact is vital. You’ve experienced the power of eye contact in public speaking and private conversation. However, there is a cost to keeping engaged visually with a client or interview subject; missing notations.


Of thought and action, need an assistant 24×7 to take notes on strategies, directives, and words of wisdom. With the Senstone, leaders get more out of their day with their always-ready voice assistant recorder, capturing their critical thinking and using artificial intelligence to enable effortless search, edit and share.


Client Meetings, Keynote speeches, Interviews, Objective Key Results, Negotiations, Project Launches, Sales Kickoffs, and Team Meetings. Senstone captures critical details in the creative moment.

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Golden Years

We love our older friends and family, and we see their struggle when memories fade as fast as their made. Forgetting new places and people in their lives is painful, especially to the proud and independent. Wearing a Senstone keeps our memories close; it’s a voice recorder that looks like a familiar tie clip, necklace, and shirt pin. It automatically transfers voice notes to text notes on the mobile app for easy search, editing, and sharing with family, friends and care teams.

Your Portable Note-Taking Assistant

More than just a regular voice assistant. Senstone is a wearable voice recorder that helps you take easy notes hands-free

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Interesting Fact: Stay organized with Senstone between meetings!

More Tech

Journaling that will make you better. Period.

Use for goals, topics, lists. Daily chore, gratefulness, productivity gains.

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Interesting Fact: Stay organized with Senstone between meetings!


Better Notes. Organized & Seamless

Senstone is a smart voice recorder that understands natural, conversational speech in over 12 languages. Simply tap, speak, and Senstone will transcribe your ideas and musings into organized voice & text notes.


Log everything you value the most

As your dedicated voice assistant, Senstone keeps notes, ideas, lists, and reminders. Comes with a lapel microphone for portable voice recording and the ease of voice-to-text transcriptions, you never forget the smallest details.

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Traveling journal


Gratitude log

What have I learned today

What did I do to help my future

Journaling stresses or problems

What’s the best thing that happened to me today

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Interesting Fact: Stay organized with Senstone between meetings!

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Stories of success

Find out how it works for our clients. Maybe you are the next happy notetaker?

Movie Producer

Fantastic tool to make work notes easier. Senstone makes my job more efficient. It’s my Star Trek comm’s badge.

Wayne Carmona

Post-Graduate Researcher

I use four voice assistants, but only Senstone can travel. It lets me catch notes without the Internet. It’s especially convenient in a car. I love pen and paper, but with Senstone I can be so much more effective. I don’t forget things!

Aimee Michelle Genova

Journalist, Artist

With phone, pen or paper you need to focus your brain, eyes, and hands. With Senstone you can simply think out loud. It allows me to take notes where I couldn’t do it before.

Yu Ando

Retired IT Professional

The primary benefit of Senstone is almost instantaneous ability to take notes. I just press the button and bubble. When I get home, all my notes are there.

Jeff Kitterman

Financial Consultant

It’s quick and convenient. A unique product that combines recorder and transcriber in one device. No matter what I never forget a good idea.

John Kleschick

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